May 14, 2011

Drowning Equilibriums Big Summer Giveaway

Drowning Equilibriums another big summer giveaway is here! Lovely and fabulous prizes awaits for us, Yes for us because i'm joining too lol! Join now and choose your prize!

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Mommy Moments - Here comes the baby!

Oh yes, i love being a mom! And that's why i love Mommy Moments, i have a chance to share my precious moments of being a mother. And as always, I'm here now reminiscing again.. my joyful moment with my happiness - my kids.

First three pictures are the first pictures of Owen, Born November 09, 2007. Though he doesn't came from me and he didn't grow on my womb for 9 months,, but I loved him the very first time i hold him and i did my best to be a real mother to him for three years now and promise to guide and love him forever.
This picture were taken at the hospital. Credit to Divine - she's a friend of Owen's real mother.
At my Apartment in Makati, when his mother left him to me. he is 7 days old here.
He's one month here. I bring him home at my province after 3 days that her mother didn't come back. I always thank God for giving me a chance to be a mother of this poor little boy that now is 3 years old. And my Von's Kuya Owen.
And now, here are the pictures of my precious Von. Born August 20, 2009.
with his Grandmother holding him at the hospital.

I'm addicted to him, i love holding him like this.
on his first month.
 Being a mother? it's HEAVEN! Seeing them together, playing and laughing. Those were priceless. And i'm wishing that they'll be together like that until they grow old.
Everyday seeing them, makes me realize how blessed i am. Thank you Lord.

May 13, 2011

jared's favorite things giveaway

Little Jared is turning 20th month old and he wants to celebrate it by giving away his favorite things.
There are two sets of winners: one for manila readers and another one for outside manila readers like me.

for manila readers:

for outside manila readers:

Its a good thing because i really want this inflatable pool for my kids. :)

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giveaway ends on May 15, 2011

May 11, 2011

Squeeze the Pug Channel Giveaway!

THE Winner's prize

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Chanel Precision Ultra Correction Lift, firming Night cream (mini tube, boxed)
Chanel Precision Ultra Sculpting Firming Concentrate (mini tube, boxed)
Chanel white hard box (from the No5 Chanel Paris, this box smells strongly of the iconic Chanel No.5)
Chanel white paper bag

Giveaway ends July 12, 2011
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May 10, 2011

Mommy Moments - Preggy Tales

Happy Mommy Moments and Belated Happy Mothers Day to all mommies!
I know its a late post for Mommy Moments, but i still want to share my story of pregnancy.

Having s first baby is indeed the most unforgettable one. Me and my husband wanted to have a baby as soon as we got married. Though it is not as easy as we thought, I had a miscarriage on my first pregnancy. My OB Gyne advice me to stop working if i want to have a baby soon. She said i need to take a bed rest before and during my first trimester. And that was the start of me being a housewife and a full time mom! haha! 

Thanks God, I got pregnant again after 2 months. It's quite hard for me because i feel pain on my hips and and my leg trembling when i stand for only 5mins and i had a spotting also. So i stuck on my bed for months. I was vomiting every morning and every food i eat and when i smell something my nose don't like. I am very sensitive. I only eat plain rice with banana and ripe mango. I don't like smelly foods and oil and seasonings. That was really hard for me because i worry about my baby. I know i need to eat well for him.
Thanks God, after the first trimester, all things become normal.

My baby is in Transverse position until my 37 weeks. He didn't change his position, because i have a low-lying placenta and i guess another reason is i don't move much during my pregnancy. I have no choice but to undergo Caesarean Section or C-Section, though i really wanted to have a normal delivery. But what important is my baby's safety.

Now my son is already on his 20th month. And i feel so blessed and thankful to God for allowing me to be a mother.

Heres my photos on my first trimester, second, and third.

mommy moments

May 3, 2011

Ferretti Shoe Giveaway

Want a free fab shoes! Yes! Of course you would love to as i do.
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Apr 16, 2011

Mommy Moments - Birthday Photo

mommy moments

Happy Mommy Moments Mommies!

Birthday is a very special moments for us, but i found out that birthday of your own kids are more special. We planned it seriously to be more memorable specially on their first birthday. Here i will share birthday photos of my kiddos.

Kuya owen's 3rd birthday last November 09, 2010

My Von's 1st birthday last August 20,2010

Here's daddy's birthday at Malaysia lat year December 28, 2010, he cook some foods and share it to his roommates. I want his ice cream cake hihi..

About my birthday, i just notice that i don't have a picture of my birthday hahah! I didn't celebrate my birthday for 2 years na pala hihi.. Well last year I've been so busy in preparing for my son's 1st birthday he's 20th and i am 24th of August. I just cook "pansit" on my day. Then on the on the other year i had a birthday at the hospital, after i gave birth on my Von. I guess i should give time celebrate my birthday this year :)


Apr 13, 2011

{April} swatch giveaway - Domestic {cherry}

After the March Fab Bag Giveaway, here's another Fab items for Fab girls out there!

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